Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance (QA) is now a key component of a modern organization. There are good reasons for this. It can help to ensure that the organization works efficiently and effectively, with all parts directed to common goals. It elevates issues of accountability and integrity to the top of the agenda. And, not least of all, it provides measurable evidence for investors and customers alike that standards are high. Universities are no exception in acknowledging the importance of QA. They are accountable to both governments and students and, in a competitive market for higher education, each will wish to demonstrate its standing in this way.

A Quality Assurance and Enhancement Policy has been agreed and, currently, work is being undertaken to develop a comprehensive framework to embrace all aspects of UniSey’s work. 

In addition to internal QA mechanisms, universities must also satisfy national agencies. In the case UniSey, this is the Seychelles Qualifications Authority. Subject to satisfactory assessments, the university can qualify for what is known as accreditation. This provides a seal of approval that tells the rest of the world that standards are at least as high as those of other universities.

In the meantime, UniSey received in March 2015 a very favourable report by the University of London of a recent review undertaken by its own academics. This speaks highly of the management of the university, of the professionalism and high standards of teaching staff, and of the enthusiasm of students. It provides a seal of approval of which we are very proud.