Faculty of Arts and Social Development

New Faculty, new Dean… we embark on this with our eyes focused on a future filled with hope and ambition that we will succeed in assuring that our students and partners discover our academic force and research capacities.  Our Faculty caters for the development and betterment of the human being; this gives us a special drive to achieve excellence in whatever we do.

Our Faculty has two clear objectives: first to teach and second to research – in the following main areas: languages, culture, heritage, media, education, healthcare, social development and IT.

We aim to collaborate with local partners, NGOs, ministries, and private organizations that are involved in the development of the person, to help find short and long term solutions to our social ills and complexities. To do this we are positioning our Faculty as the door to regional and international organizations and universities, as academic and research partners, who would be ready to accompany us on our quest for solutions to different issues weighing on our society, and help and assist us in our participation in the development of the Seychellois people and eventually the region. 

We aim to do our utmost to contribute towards making UniSey become the knowledge hub of the Indian Ocean.

Ms Joëlle Perreau