Faculty of Business and Sustainable Development

I seek to promote an agenda of building connections. We need partners to share experiences and visions, and promote what we seek to achieve. In other words, we need partners to grow. I wish to use my opportunity as the Dean of the Faculty of Business and Sustainable Development to strengthen partnership both locally and internationally while at the same time encourage members of the Faculty to look for partners as well. We seek to partner with others to answer critical questions and surmount complicated tasks. As we strive to maintain the existing partnerships, we seek to team up with new organisations across the globe. We want our students to acquire a world class experience when they participate in our learning programmes. Needless to say, we are equally committed in to support students towards achieving their academic goals. We have the utmost responsibility to advance students’ interest and ambition. We subscribe to quality education and are committed to educate and train all students under our care, giving everyone equal opportunity to succeed. We seek to groom workplace leaders and stimulate in them, the ideas that provide solutions to the most challenging problems. Our graduates must be problem solvers and innovators.

Dr Justin Valentin