Department of Environment


The Department of Environment falls under the faculty of Business and Sustainable Development.  Our main activity is the coordination and teaching of the Bachelor in Environmental Science degree programme. Our department also intends to offer a Masters degree in Marine Science & Climate Change in 2017.

The Bachelor in Environmental Science aims to enable students to develop a personal response to the environmental challenges they encounter in Seychelles, in the region and beyond, and to obtain the skills needed in the field of environmental sciences. The programme also focuses on the environmental challenges facing small island tropical states. Courses cover topics such as Climate Change, Natural Resource Economics, Environmental Law, Sustainable Development, Global Environmental Change, Marine and Fisheries Science amongst others. The courses are complemented by  field work, laboratory work, visits, and work attachments to allow students to apply theoretical perspectives to practical situations. The Bachelor in Environmental Science is being offered in two modes – full-time (3 years) and part-time (4 & 5 years). Students who complete all course and project requirements will be awarded a Degree in Environmental Science, with Honours. 

The BSc Environmental Science degree programme is expected to enhance institutional capacity for effective environmental management and ecosystem-based approaches, and provide a cost-effective approach to professional-level capacity building in Seychelles and elsewhere.

Our team of lecturers also engage in various other activities such as consultancy work, research , workshops, conferences and national projects.


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