Internet Access

Using the Internet

The University of Seychelles (UniSey) provide free Internet access to all its staffs and students for work related activities. All PCs and mobile devices dedicated for student use can be used to access the Internet.
You may also use your personal devices but they should be equipped with a LAN port or a Wi-Fi option, as well as having an updated antivirus software to ensure protection.
UniSey will NOT tolerate abuse and misuse of its internet resources.


You must not use your own wireless routers anywhere on the campus because they can disrupt the University’s wireless network. In case you cause a disruption to the University’s network, we will attempt to contact you, but should that prove difficult, we may temporarily switch off your network port until you reconfigure your equipment.
We also have restricted access on certain websites that we feel are not in the interest and benefit of
our staffs and students.