International Students


UniSey welcomes students from all corners of the world. When you choose to study with us you not only become part of an ambitious new  knowledge hub in the heart of the Indian Ocean; you also benefit from living in one of the most beautiful places on earth. 

At UniSey, students are our central focus. You can rely on our support from the moment you make your initial enquiry right up to the day you graduate and even after,  as a valued member of our alumni.

We  look forward to receiving your application and to welcoming you to Seychelles.

During the first five years of the University of Seychelles (UniSey), places were restricted to Seychellois students.  As Seychelles did not previously have its own university, there was a backlog of students wishing to enter higher education.  Giving them priority in this way helped to ensure that as many as possible could now experience higher education.

Then, in 2014, the decision was taken to open the doors to international students as well.  This offers two immediate benefits.  One is because students from other countries bring with them different cultural values and ideas, creating a livelier learning environment.  The other reason is that the arrival of non-Seychellois students leads to more viable class sizes and, with this, a wider range of subject choice.  There are benefits all round.

But what are the attractions for international students?  Why would they want to come to UniSey, when they could choose many other universities in the world?

There are good reasons for doing so:

  • UniSey already offers a wide range of courses, most of them awarded directly by the University of London.  All of our courses are open to international students.
  • Because this is a new university, numbers are still small and there’s no fear of being lost in the crowd, as is the case in many modern universities.
  • Another advantage of small numbers is that class sizes themselves are small, so that everyone gets plenty of attention.
  • Our academics are all well qualified and active in research as well as teaching.
  • Our support staff are friendly and helpful, and international students will soon find their way around.
  • The main campus environment at Anse Royale (where international students will be located) is in a coastal village in a beautiful part of Mahé, but also on a bus route to the capital, Victoria.
  • Seychelles is a politically stable nation, and its people are used to welcoming visitors.