Culture & Society


The cosmopolitan Seychellois are a colourful blend of peoples of different races, cultures and religions. The cultural mix is a result of people from Africa, Europe and Asia who have come to Seychelles during different times in history. Those people have brought with them their distinct customs and culture to help shape the vibrant Seychellois culture that exists today. The African, European and Asian influence can be seen through the local art, music, dance, architecture and cuisine. Music is an important part of the Seychellois culture. The music is influenced by Polynesian, Arcadian, and Indian Music. Singing and dancing are important facets of life on the Seychelles islands.

seychelles-ox-cart.jpg seychelles-clock-tower.jpg
Ox-Cart on La Digue Island

Clock Tower on Mahé Island


The cuisine that is uniquely Seychellois; the Creole cuisine is actually a fusion of flavours from the African, French, Chinese, Indian and English cooking. The ingredients used are often fresh from a garden or fishing boat. Most of Seychellois cooking is based on seafood and chillies with rice and breadfruit as the staple. Dishes are very rich in flavour and exotically prepared with a mixture of French and Indian flavours. Coconut milk is also added to various dishes to add the extra flavour.

The fruits that are mostly used in the Seychelles food, are papayas, mangoes, melons, golden apples and limes. Ingredients such as chicken, octopus and lobster are more often used in traditional preparations of the local food in comparison to beef, lamb, prawns or crabs. The Seychellois and visitors alike enjoy the taste of the famous roasted, grilled, fried or curried fish served with vegetables or fruits chutneys such as pumpkin, green mangoes or egg plant.


The dominant religion remains the Roman Catholicism with 86% of the population. This is followed by Anglican, Protestant, Muslim, Hindu and Bahaï.

Catholics: 86%

Anglican: 6.8%

Other Christian: 2.5%

Other Religions: 4.1%


The St. Joseph Church at Anse Royale


The three national or official languages are Creole, English and French. Many Seychellois can fluently speak other languages such as Italian, German, Spanish, Chinese and Arabic.