A Network of Environmental Research in the Western Indian Ocean

The purpose of the project is to facilitate collaboration amongst organizations within the region, particularly as a start between Comoros, Madagascar, Mauritius and Seychelles.

This project was initiated to address the need for strategic and targeted research in order to overcome the challenges faced by Indian Ocean countries concerning the sustainable use, development and maintenance of a healthy resilient, social and ecological system especially in the face of climate change and other regional environmental challenges. 

Through the developed network, researchers can jointly seek and apply for research grants, and gain regional and international recognition through collaborative projects. Joint research will enable greater access to funding and capacity building, and help to avoid duplication.

Regional Collaborators





                                MCSS                 GIFSAAGEFNHM-SSNPASFASECMFF

                      GVI                      SIF, CKB,MEECC,S4S         

                                                        NS                  ICS                                                


                                              SOSF                        BERI ,IBC









                  AIPEC , A2M , CDST , CNDRS , ULANGA , JCIM , LBEPA , RNAP















                                   AFRC             UoM











                                               WCS                   WCS

                                               MWC          MWC

                                         CNRO , CI        CI