Research is recognized as an essential feature in the UniSey profile. The reputation of the university will be determined by the quality of our research contribution as well as teaching excellence.

In organisational terms, research direction and overall supervision is currently the direct responsibility of the Vice-Chancellor.

A framework is provided by two key documents: Research Policy & Procedures and Research Strategy. links The first of these has given rise to an Ethics Committee, which monitors all research undertaken in the name of the university. In turn, the Research Strategy has led to the formation of two university-wide Research Institutes and the appointment of Research Coordinators for each Faculty.

As well as the work of the two Institutes, individual academics pursue their own specialist projects. Dr Ashton Berry, for instance, is actively involved in different aspects of beach resilience in the face of rising sea levels.

There is, additionally, research commissioned by external bodies. Recent examples of the latter include work on Employment Productivity and Youth Unemployment.

Regular seminars are held on different subjects and all academics are encouraged to attend.

Staff are supported in different ways, including through opportunities to pursue doctoral research and to attend international conferences.